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Panoramic View from Old Ghost Ranch Double Track
Panoramic View from Old Ghost Ranch Double Track, New Mexico 2013 ~ (Print Size: 154" x 16")

This photograph is the result of an un-forseen and rather disconnected collaboration of at least three people. There are literally thousands more involved when one considers the software and hardware needed to create and present it here.
But right off it's the result of Georgia O'Keeffe's vision, persistence and memory.
And also a long time friend, a poet & writer, O'Keeffe's librarian, and presently the Ghost Ranch librarian. CS took me over to an old slim whisp of a double tracked trail. In the 1930's this was the path O'Keeffe riding about in her Model A used to return home.
She was enamored with the view seen in this panorama. It only comes into sight after you round the last bend, and then rise even further up above the arroyo. I attempted here to capture what she saw.
O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch home, Ranchos de los Burros can be seen in the lower right of the panorama.

O'Keeffe immediately set out in her Model A to find Ghost Ranch and, with poetic perfection that August day, easily found the horse skull marking the gate. She drove her Ford several miles on the private road that wound up and down across the sandy, sage- and pinion-speckled hills to the last stony rise and her first view of Ghost Ranch. "I knew the minute I got up here that this was where I would live."
Ghost Ranch - Lesley Poling-Kempes

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Photograph © 2013, All Rights Reserved:
16 August 2013

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